JD.com Provides Successful Platform for Wu Fang Zhai

JD.com may be a giant in the world of e-commerce but it is also a firm advocate for China. The company is dedicated to providing the best products available, and strives to widen its offerings. Its retail as a service venture aids numerous companies throughout China, and its logistics help businesses better connect with Chinese markets.

The latest success story coming out of Jingdong has to do with a time-honored traditional dish called Zongzi. Zongzi is the features dish of the Dragon Bowl Festival and enjoyed by Chinese families across Asia. Wu Fang Zhai is the most popular provider of Zongzi and has been making the popular food for decades. It is a time-honored manufacturer and thanks to JD.com it is experiencing record growth.

Wu Fang Zhai went to Jingdong as many buiness do. It was looking for a way to better its sales and expand onto an online platform. JD.com is known far and wide for its logistics and data-derived projections. Businesses form all around the globe have utilized Jingdong to better products and increase their presence. Jingdong’s extensive understanding of Chinese markets have made it a perfect choice for foreign companies. As for domestic, Wu Fang Zhai sold over 42 tons of Zongzi during the inaugural day of JD’s June 18 sales event. The huge number is due to a steady increase in Wu Fang’s sales year to year.

About JD.com

Jingdong was a simple storefront that sold electronics. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong took the business online in response to the SARs outbreak that hit China. Jingdong’s online presence took off and soon the store was doing more virtual business than traditional business. Today, JD.com is a foremost e-commerce source for anything that is not nailed down.

JD come is known for his use of innovation. The company uses the latest tech to help run its warehouses, offers blockchain tech for small companies, and participates i the world’s only commercial drone delivery.

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