Jingdong is Leading the Way in Adopting Industrial Internet of Things


China’s largest retail company, JD.com is leading the way in developing smart supply chain logistics. That effort is being bolstered by the advent of 5G networks.

With the vastly increased speed of internet communication by 5G, JD is able to streamline multiple processes throughout its business model. Industry observers are calling it nothing less than a revolution in the way business gets done.

JD.Com, also known as Jingdong, has always been a company that has embraced high-tech solutions. But now 5G is making innovations and advances that never could have happened before a reality.

A key to understanding this is something called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This is the business cousin of IoT, the Internet of Things that is already being used in many homes. It interconnects things like a home’s HVAC system, kitchen appliances, security systems, door locks, television and just about any electronic domestic device. It makes for a wonderfully automated home environment. Refer to This Article for related information.

But when applied to big business, the Industrial Internet of Things has greater and far-reaching consequences. When a massive company like Jingdong becomes fully IIoT enabled, it can manipulate everything from what happens in a warehouse to controlling robots and drones that fan out across the country delivering packages.

In fact, IIoT will make robot-to-robot communication possible. It will help automate processes so efficiently that human input will scarcely be needed. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will make IIoT capability even more powerful.

The number of applications that IIoT can be applied to in business is extraordinary. For example, this technology can play a major role in reducing pollution and the energy consumption required to run a business.

Today in China, trucks hauling freight sometimes comprise as much as one-third of all road traffic. This will be dramatically reduced once automated systems for delivery are in place. That will include underground track systems and integrated municipal pipe corridors. Also, using IIoT, five trucks heading to a destination can be reduced to three because of the scheduling efficiencies that fall out of the application.

JD is among the leading firms in China for adopting 5G-enabled IIoT capabilities.


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