Luke Lazarus Consultancy is Changing the Way Startups Find Success

 Changing Scenes

Everyone experiences change in their lives. Some approve of the change, while others find change a challenge to their tried and true ways of doing things. Whether we are a traditionalist or futurist, change is inevitable. Even in the business landscape, change occurs more often than in most professions.

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No sooner than one promotion finishes another is beginning; the first discount of the year makes room for the second; lastly, what started as a rise to the top ended up the year as one of the worst years we have yet experienced. Where did it all go wrong? Some changes are within our control, while others pass us without any restriction on our part.

It is the changes that we can’t control that end up controlling our life, or we choose not to allow them to control our lives. This is where the superstars and the veteran business “gurus” can help most failing companies, and that is the reason why Luke Lazarus has been traveling across Australia since 2013. Luke Lazarus decided to change the way startups find success and do it one startup at a time.

Beginning Again

The proverbial truth is its a hard pill to swallow when we have to backtrack in our life to make corrections we could have done correctly on the first run of things.

While it does offer a chance to change things for the better, it is even better to have someone present who has been there and gone through almost every conceivable business problem and solved it already. This is the kind of work Luke Lazarus chose for himself in 2013 when he put together his Luke Lazarus Consultancy.

His combined twenty years as a successful businessman as a founder, entrepreneur, negotiator, manager, and owner of businesses made him a perfect candidate for being a startup business startup consultant.

Today, after engaged in his consulting work already for several years, he has experienced the satisfaction that comes in helping startups get past the hurdles that could potentially shut down their operation.

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Those who look at their startup problems with a positive attitude and experience the truth that setbacks are, in reality, only a stepping stone to further success.

Living the Consultancy Life

The life of a consultant is not an easy one since they are hired to come to a startup and pinpoint the problems, give their solutions, and guide them through the process of integrating the solution into their business plan, mission statement and story point structure.

When it is all over, it is showtime again for the startup, and when they experience success, it is a great great day of the startup who can move on with their business plans.

Finding Business Success

 Luke Lazarus teaches from his two decades of experience and can empathize with startups who have to make changes, but for those who have worked with Luke Lazarus, they say his confidence is infectious, which brings trust in his insights and recommendations.

After having helped hundreds of startups across Australia since 2013, Lazarus has brought a bright light to the hopes of struggling startups that face business hurdles in their initial years in the business world.

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