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 Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne based start-up and business consultant who has helped hundreds of businesses in the last few years to achieve their business and financial goals. Many times, the new businesses, as well as already thriving businesses, need a new and fresh perspective to take the business to the next level and be more competitive in the highly saturated market.

Getting that new perspective helps in identifying the loopholes in the business machinery and recognizing new opportunities that the market present.

Luke Lazarus says that many companies out there are unable to achieve their goals because they are not able to connect their brand, product or services with the customers emotionally. Having a story for a brand is necessary to resonate with the customers, and Luke Lazarus is an expert in building that for the brand in a very efficient manner through his years of experience. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus is able to develop a business plan for the companies to help penetrate the market and defining market insights, which can help the management, make growth decisions for the company. There are tons of start-ups out there that are looking for help from the professional business consultants to improve their business efficiency in operations as well as ensuring that the company can build a brand image.

Starting from co-ordinating operational budget, setting a timeline, and making a market strategy to helping the firm develop marketing and sales strategies, Luke Lazarus provides complete and comprehensive business development strategies and services for the clients.

Luke Lazarus believes that every brand must have a story and having that would set the foundation of success. Luke completed his graduation as well as masters in business administration at the age of 24 only. One habit that Luke believes helps him a lot in his day to day life, personally as well as professionally, is to note down everything necessary in his diary. He believes that it is a habit that helps him prioritize things and keep himself updated on timelines of important tasks.

During the early days of his career, Luke Lazarus realized that he used to have anxiety and worried a lot about the outcome of his plans. His advice to young people is to keep working hard and not to worry a lot. If they have what is needed to be successful, worrying will only make things work.

It is essential to be confident in your abilities and keep working hard. It is essential to believe that you can do well and there is nothing better than self-confidence to take you to high places. Your self-esteem can make a massive difference to your success, and you should work towards building it especially in the marketing industry.

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