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Recent reports show that 90 percent of all startups business collapse within five years of its inception. This failure is often associated with low economic growth as well as a poor management strategy. However, not all startups businesses fail as some entrepreneurs have a golden touch that enables them to grow the business to maturity successfully.

This group of people is called serial entrepreneurs who possess raw knowledge and skill that helps then enjoy huge success stories. Once in a while, these individuals get tired of accumulating wealth and start helping other entrepreneurs to navigate the steep learning curve of setting up new businesses.

Luke Lazarus started his first business at a tender age of 8 years while still maintaining his straight-A record in academics. Additionally, Luke Lazarus was great sportsmanship. Sports coupled with his proven academics and business talent, Lazarus became a hot prospect of the major university but chose to join Melbourne Business School, which was in his hometown (Melbourne).

After college, Luke Lazarus created four companies in ten years, which he sold at a significant sum. He continues to explore the business world as a successful entrepreneur with financial freedom at age 35. This exploration did not last long as Lazarus did a soul searching and realize that money was no longer the driving force. Therefore, he chooses a new path to helping others succeed in businesses. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Luke Lazarus decided to use his great talent for developing a business solution to help potential struggling entrepreneurs realize their dream. He became a business consultant and developed a startup consulting approach.

The approach was unique, with a strong emphasis on business systems, analysis, and emotional connections with customers and stakeholders. Through his effort, Luke Lazarus has helped several companies to raise from startups to multimillion-dollar IPOS. Luke gained a reputation as a rising and shining star with others describing him as overbearing.

According to Luke Lazarus, most entrepreneurs are intelligent and talented. However, few entrepreneurs possess the necessary skills of high financing, running a successful road show, brand messaging, and searching of investors. Therefore, Luke Lazarus helps startups to shape their books, operations and messaging to conform and entice investors and venture capitalists.

Luke argues that there is a huge disparity between what startups think and the reality of venture capital on the ground. This disparity is the stumbling block of new business that is striving to grow into salable condition. Access to enough capital is fundamental to the growth of new ventures into viable multinational operations.

Lazarus organizes road-show pitches to help recruit highlight videos that can grab a venture capitalist attention within the first 30 seconds. Additionally, he helps the potential entrepreneur to craft messages that bring a sense of purpose in their operations.

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