Luke Lazarus is good at what he does

Luke Lazarus graduated from Melbourne Business School. He got his MBA when he was 24 years, and since then he has successfully partnered with people and companies to build business plans, manage business growth as well as to give insights to CEOs in Australia southeastern Coast.

He also works as a consultant who provides clarity for decisions that executives need to take as their next step as well as giving seasoned perspective while prioritizing decisions that are crucial first. According to him, a good business leader should be at a position to focus on issues that are important at the moment by first identify the problem, defining that problem and then addressing it.

This makes the business successful. Lazarus says that his startup consultant strengths have helped him start a business or bringing a startup that had lost track back and it has helped business leaders define and redefine their business plans and projections. The plans and projections include the following; Business Plans, Investor Presentation, Market Research insights, Go-to-Market Plans, Financial Projections, Operational Improvement.

The first ten to fifteen minutes of every day when he wakes up are for meditation. This helps him to clear his head and ease some stress completely. His typical day is spent multitasking; checking his emails, making his first cup of coffee, walking his dog and making his to-do list in his mind.

He has made it a habit to hit the gym every day in the morning which is usually a quick workout. This makes him able to take up the day’s startup project. He keeps notes in his phone to stay product which he reviews in the morning.

According to Luke Lazarus, bringing ideas to life stats by telling a great story by finding a need in the market and filling it and make it entirely yours; the idea should be tied with an emotion. He says that best business ideas come from his problems. He took those problems and built solutions that will be acceptable in the job market. Read more: Luke Lazarus –
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The economy experience is rising, and this excites him a lot. He also enjoys watching various companies meeting different demands with innovative ideas. Recording and taking note of everything with his phone is his habit that makes him a more productive entrepreneur.

He would advise his younger self to be less worried. He believes that luck and network equally indicated success just as passion and perseverance are.

Every entrepreneur should believe in his own success. A refined winning story will lead to a successful business. According to him, this is a strategy that has worked well for him. Also, one should surround themselves with the right talent. The following are some of the software and web services that have helped him become productive; Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, Slides, Google Calendar and Uber that has helped him move around the city.

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