Luke Lazarus Leads Startups to a Sure Foundation of Success

 Knowing what’s ahead

Luke Lazarus believes in being straight up with the startup’s businesses that seek his consulting services. He wants them to prepare for the reality behind what they are making for, and that often means distinguishing the way investors think and expect.

Wherever a venture capitalist shows up, they are expecting certain elements to be present in the pitch they receive. When an investor doesn’t receive what experience has told them to expect in a potential investment, they write off the business’ story sales pitch and move on.

An offering to an investor has to have a short story. The business story needs to be emotionally connecting to the listener, and that is what excites the investor. Investors sense that if the business story does not move them, the consumer won’t be able to make an emotional connection to its values.

Experience and Practice

Luke Lazarus has been able to zoom in on key elements that make a business successful in his twenty-plus years of managing successful business ventures. A vital aspect of any successful startup business is drilling down to bring out the essential values behind their mission and make it ring clear in the presentation to investors.

Investors want to know what drives a business. The core business values are the ones that will ring clear to the consumer. Consumers are those able to make an emotional connection of their held values with those of the brand or business. Read more: Luke Lazarus | F6S and Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant – INTERVIEW

Whether it is fresh homemade cookies freshly baked daily or a canopy that brings family and friends together to enjoy in the summer heat the values need to be there, and they need to evoke an emotional connection with the consumer.

The canopy is the product but acts as an instrument to bring the values of togetherness and time spent with family while enjoying refreshing drinks, refreshments, and maybe a barbecue.

Luke Lazarus stresses the lasting benefits the product ultimately brings since the emotional connection often comes from the sustainable values that the customer also shares.

Learning Early

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur, business leader, and startup business, consultant. He has twenty years of startup success he uses to help startup businesses prepare for launch day.

Lazarus prides himself in being able to zero in or minute details in the business plan that offset the primary mission of the startup.

Lazarus works with startups for several days or weeks. During that time, he brings startups to a point where they are confident of their mission, story, and values.

A startup’ values and mission brings an emotional connection to their pitch when seeking funding from investors. When a startup can make an emotional connection with consumers, Luke Lazarus believes they have established a sure foundation for success.

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