Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal Embraces Diversity

The L’Oreal brand is one of the more popular beauty brands around the world. The brand is embracing more diversity with the future of their company to keep up with the expectations of beauty enthusiasts that want to purchase products from a business that is more diverse and represents a variety of brands. The L’Oreal sales and marketing executive Nicolas Krafft realized the company had to make more steps toward diversity to be embraced by a wider customer range.

The L’Oreal brand showed off Nicolas Krafft’s innovations to the brand at Le Défilé L’Oreal Paris on the Seine. The annual Seine River floating catwalk show was held on September 30th. The focus of the event is to showcase various L’Oreal Paris looks. The point of the show was to additionally display the steps the brand has taken to be more diverse. A long list of diverse models for L’Oreal walked the 60-meter floating runway during the show. Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, Marie Bochet, and Louise Bourgoin were among some of the of models strutting their stuff on the L’Oreal floating runway. The show was a success and a masterpiece of art for the beauty brand.

Thanks to Nicolas Krafft the brand is steering toward a more profitable direction with a more diverse list of representation. The brand has singlehandedly put out there that anyone can be beautiful no matter what. L’Oreal’s body positive and diverse goals show that to their beauty consumers. That they are the beauty brand that believes anyone can be beautiful. Nicolas Krafft will continue with his marketing expertise for that to be the message consumers get from the mission of L’Oreal.