Nina Vaca and her Charitable Work

The businesswoman was born in Ecuador and has spent a significant amount of her time and resources on giving back to society. The country was hit by an earthquake a few years ago, and many residents lost their property. When Nina Vaca heard about the news, she went back to her birth country to help the residents resume their normal lives.

Nina’s mother was also concerned about the residents in her home country after the calamity. Vaca partnered with several non-profit organizations in the country and raised $100,000. The CEO decided to use the money to support small business owners who were hit by the earthquake. According to Vaca, the life of her family has been transformed through entrepreneurship.

The business executive knows that there are many needy people in different parts of the world, but an individual can have a huge impact if committed to helping. She has contacted many leaders to help her achieve her goal of creating positive change in society. Nina Vaca has expanded the operations of her company during her tenure by venturing into more developing markets.

The business magnate runs a non-profit organization called Nina Vaca Foundation. In 2018, the organization completed a housing project which benefited 40 families in her home country. She also partnered with the Rotary Club of Quito and other organizations from different parts of the globe to raise more money for another housing project. Some of the proceeds of the fundraiser were used to buy land for victims of the earthquake.