OSI Group Comes to Terms with the Competition

Meat is one of the most easily obtainable dishes humans can find. It is hard to find a store that isn’t selling the product or a restaurant that exclusively does not serve meat. The human race has enjoyed the taste of meat since the days of caveman and hunters. Animals were abundant across the land, which made it easy to get food. In the 21st century, meat is still enjoyed by millions. However there as been a social conversation over the health value of meat and how its mass produced. OSI Group and Impossible Foods represent similar demographics, but different views on the industry. Gazette Day discusses each of their positions.

OSI Group comes from a background in business establishment. It was founded on a vision of sustainability and holding an audience. The scope of business grew as the production required more meat to be produced in a timely manner. Daily operations were fairly consistent until Ray Kroc took the food industry by storm. In the blink of an eye, the once lone business was a national meat producing powerhouse. Under the vision of new leadership, they sought to increase distribution routes in Europe and beyond. This company is at the apex of the world for reason.

In the shadows of the industry is Impossible Foods. A business that wants to challenge traditional ways of producing food, and present a dish that is healthier and safer for the environment. Patrick Brown explored how technology could be used to cultivate planets in a precise manner. He faced challenges from internal and external sources, but the result of his efforts were shown to the public in 2016. The Impossible Burger was a success that his production facilities could not keep up with demand. OSI Group began to realize that traditional meat had some competition.

OSI Group and Impossible Foods had no choice but to come to terms with each other. While each company had a steak in the market, there was little doubt that consumers loved having options. OSI Group agreed on a partnership that provided positive outcomes for each party involved.

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