How Iskandar Safa Led Privinvest to Success In the Shipbuilding World


Shipbuilding may be one of the most competitive businesses in the world. That’s because there are only a handful of companies able to efficiently deliver large yachts, naval vessels and supply ships. However, one shipbuilder, Privinvest, has been able to survive and thrive for the past three decades. That success is due to the passion and vision of Privinvest CEO Iskandar Safa.

Born in Lebanon, Mr. Iskandar Safa has a major passion for large ships. This passion led Mr. Safa to pursue and receive an engineering degree from the American University of Lebanon in Beirut. After receiving his engineering degree, Mr. Safa was ready to start his own shipbuilding business. With that vision in mind, the Privinvest CEO set out to acquire his first shipbuilding company.

As a new CEO, Iskandar Safa didn’t have many choices when it came to acquire a shipbuilder. Therefore, Mr. Safa has to roll the dice with a struggling French shipbuilder Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie. At the time, the world was in a recession. However, Mr. Safa persisted and was able to turn around the shipbuilder in just two short years.

Today Privinvest is known as one of the top shipbuilders in the world with shipyards in Europe and the Middle East. Among the projects completed by Privinvest is “Sailing Yacht A.” This superyacht, known as one of the largest in the world, measures an incredible 143 meters in length with 12,600 in gross tonnage displacement. In fact, Privinvest has been responsible for building 2 of the 10 largest sailing ships in the world. Read This Article to learn more.

In the past 30 years, Privinvest has been able to grow while the rest of the industry has been shrinking. That is because of Safa’s commitment to efficient shipbuilding. Heading into the company’s fourth decade, Privinvest seeks to continue its growth in the hyper competitive shipbuilding industry. Find More Information Here.


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Luke Lazarus on Why Every Business Needs a Consultant

When Luke Lazarus starts a business, he begins by creating a plan that tells the story of that investment. He ensures that the story takes into account the customers and the business partners too. After that, he carries out thorough market research to identify the points at which customers engage with products.

He also wants to know about competition and segmented markets. However, he says that there is an aspect that most people overlook, yet it is the one that plays the most significant role in determining success – startup consultancy. Here are a few things that he had to say about the need for every business to have a consultant.

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The Need for Consultancy

A look at data from recent business surveys is enough to tell you that consultancy is an integral part of a business. Imagine every new business is more likely to wind up in the first year. A big chunk of those that survive the first never makes it past the fist.

To make it worse, the bow out after making huge losses. It is because the market is ruthless to entrepreneurs who do not understand how they work. Any business that is not guided will be wiped off the markets as those that have a proper direction continue to dominate.

The Turning Point

When Luke Lazarus analyzed these statistics, he pointed out that there is a turning point that can herald the beginning of success for bust startups. His point is that even though everything looks gloomy, we cannot overlook the fact that we still have a small number of businesses that are still doing fine.

Some people are setting up businesses and succeeding straightaway. They may be one a thousand, but they exist. If only people knew about their secret, everyone in this world would be celebrating. Their secret is startup consultancy.

The Serial Winners

Luke explains that the small percentage of people who still succeed in business are those who have picked up success tips over the years.

These people have been through torrid situations, but they have always come out victorious. With every investment, they have picked up little success tips. Today, they can piece together those tips and ensure that their next venture succeeds no matter what they face.

The best part is that these people are willing to share their tips. They are tired of winning alone, even when others fail miserably.

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Because of that, they open up consultancy businesses where people can get the guidance that they need to be successful. A startup that follows their advice is more likely to succeed than one that tries to do it blindly.

Luke Lazarus is not a new name in the entrepreneurship world. He is the man who graduated with an MBA from the Melbourne Business School at only 24 years of age. He is also the man who jumped straight into the business and started shaping the industry. He has been offering startup consultancy services for more than ten years and has clients from both Australia and the rest of the world.

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McDonald’s Pilot Program to Test Meatless Option

McDonald’s is getting in the meatless burger game. The fast food giant started a pilot program to introduce the PLT (plant-based meat, lettuce and tomato) to limited locations around the United States and Canada. This comes on the heels of Burger King, which offers the Impossible Whopper throughout locations in the country. That faux meat is co-manufactured by the OSI Group.

The McDonalds PLT, which uses the Miracle Burger, is said to have fewer calories than its competitor burger and uses beet juice to provide a more realistic, bloody, burger. The OSI Group does not use this substance with it Impossible Burger. According to an article on the site of the Today Show, the McDonalds version has an ingredient list including the following: pea protein, rice protein, mung bean protein, canola oil, coconut oil, protein starch and a number of spices.

The McDonald’s effort is not the company’s first foray into the fake meat industry. They produced similar products in locations throughout Europe, including the Veggie Deluxe in the United Kingdom. According to the Today article, McDonald’s won’t confirm whether they will go nationwide with its PLT but articles in other publications, including Crain’s Chicago Business, say this pilot program is a predictor of sorts.

Burger King is the fast food pioneer in this new meatless burger era. They work with the OSI Group, which is based outside of Chicago. It also provides meat for McDonald’s on a large scale in addition to producing the Impossible Burger for Burger King. Impossible Foods, the company that introduced the meatless burger, did not have the capacity to satisfy demand for its product and partnered with the OSI Group. Burger King offered the Impossible Whopper nationwide starting in August. This was after a pilot program in the St. Louis area back in the spring that generated positive results. The fast food giant recently signed an agreement with the OSI Group to continue offering the meatless substitute.

The stock price of the maker of the Miracle Burger jumped significantly after McDonald’s announced it would use its product.

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The inspiring story of Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie is a very successful entrepreneur who is now living in London with his whole family. He has started his journey from India and has suffered and also achieved a lot over the years. His journey is something that many people would find fascinating. He started his first company called magnum international Trading Company limited in 1975. The main focus of the company was to expand the export market of India and form better relationships with other countries.

Sudhir Choudhrie started working with Taj Hotel and Resorts in 1995 when they started the Taj Kerela and four other local resorts that turned out to be very successful. In the same year, Sudhir also formed another alliance with Adidas AG and formed Adidas Indian Trading which was also very successful for the high-quality products that the company produced.

In 2006 Sudhir Choudhrie started his journey in the C&C Alpha group which is located in London, United Kingdom. The company has some various subsidiary business like healthcare, aviation, finance, and other which Sudhir played a great role in developing. He was able to form amazing diplomatic relationships with investors and he saved those companies from dying. He is a genius and a visionary.

Sudhir Choudhrie is not only a successful businessman but also a great philanthropist. He has been donating in charities and developing programs that would help the people of India, the United Kindom, and the United States. He is actively involved in many health and education-related charities that have been benefiting the people over a long time. To know more about him click here.

Sudhir Choudhrie had a heart transplant surgery back in 1999. Situations were worse for him during that phase of his life but after that operation in 1999 he had been getting better and now in 2019, it has been 20 years since then. In these 20 years, he has achieved a lot as an entrepreneur and also as a philanthropist. He has is also a writer and has written many books on politics and education that had been an inspiration to many young minds. He continues to face challenges bravely even today.

Sergey Petrossov Applies Lessons from his Parents


Growing up, kids are told to follow their dreams; however, few ever get the opportunity to do so. Sergey Petrossov attempted to be different and entered the business world at a young age. Now, he is one of the most successful young business leaders the world has ever seen. For those who might not have heard of him, he is the founder and CEO of a company called JetSmarter. This company has changed the way most people book a private plane. While many people believe that private jet travel is something reserved for only the elite and ultra-wealthy, Sergey Petrossov is working hard to change all of this. He believes that, eventually, private jet travel will be accessible to more people. So far, he is working hard to make this vision a reality.

Sergey Petrossov has drawn on advice from multiple people as he has tried to make his business into a success. He learned a lot of the lessons he applies in the business world today from his parents. His family did not have a lot growing up, so they had to work hard for anything they had. These are valuable lessons that Sergey Petrossov put to use when he started to run his company. He got the idea from JetSmarter when he flew on a private jet for the first time. He was invited onto the plane by a friend of his who worked in the business world. He was following his example and decided to start his own company, which has been a resounding success.


Sergey Petrossov knows that success in the business world is not exactly easy to come by. Now, his company has grown and is worth more than $1 billion. He also employs a few hundred people. Without a doubt, the company is going to continue to grow in the future. It may one day challenge the commercial airline industry as well.


An Indian Billionaire, Sudhir Choudhrie, Shares His Success With People in Need

After years of exploring the business world, Sudhir Choudhrie’s hard work has already paid off as he is now one of the richest businessmen in India with a net worth of $2 billion. He hastily spends his wealth. He enjoys doing charitable works to touch other people’s lives. Sudhir Choudhrie is a businessman in India who became successful because of his hard work. Choudhrie has a family business as his uncle was served as the chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, aerospace owned by the state of India and a defense company, while his grandfather has real estate business in Delhi, but then still chose to start from the very beginning. His first business venture focuses on the exporting of consumer goods in the Soviet Union, and also to the largest trading partner of India.

Then in 1975, he established his company Magnum International Trading Company in India which is into export markets. He also explores different business fields such as hospitality, healthcare aviation, arms trade and healthcare. Aside from being famous as a successful businessman in India and internationally, he also became famous through his generosity and good deeds for many individuals. He had established different foundations, and also a donor to different institutions. Sudhir Choudhrie has a wife who also enjoys helping other people.

Some foundations the couple has established were Path to Success, which is founded to support homeless people and athletes with a disability, and they also established the Amar Jyoti which aims to give back to his country by helping young people to be engaged in sports and cultural enrichment. They also founded another foundation in 2001, which is the Stellar International Arts Foundation. Its main goal is to help Asian artists to show their masterpiece in a bigger audience. It is also the foundation’s goal to unite people of different nations using arts. Choudhrie also gave donations to Columbia University Medical Center because Sudhir Choudhrie focuses his charitable works in the medical field as he had a severe illness before.

Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus has become a successful international marketing consultant that has been able to help out many start up companies become successful themselves. Luke Lazarus new from a young age that he wanted to be in this specific career field.

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He earned his MBA at the age of 24 because he attended the Melbourne business school. After he graduated, he had great plans to take over the world with his own business ventures. He is a strong believer that he will not be able to accomplish his goals if he is not constantly working on them on a daily basis.

Important Information to Know About This Successful Business Man

Luke Lazarus has had the great opportunity to work with many start up businesses and give them advice on how to become successful in this specific career field. He is known to give great advice add being able to pinpoint where the company may be holding themselves back.

He has been able to teach many business leaders all over the world how to make urgent decisions at a quick pace. He understands that making decisions is not always something that many corporate and business leaders are good at.

He knows how to properly teach business leaders the ways that they can make a quick decisions to properly help their companies become successful overtime.

Luke Lazarus has enough knowledge and experienced in been able to analyze diverse of marketing and diverse competition. He takes the time to look for potential customers, and he makes sure to let start up businesses and know how to target them as well. He is great at being able to identify points of influence into the marketing field.

Many business leaders have stayed at that Lazarus is a great business owner because he is constantly looking to find solutions and inspirations to his own needs and problems that he faces regularly.

He takes the time to analyze any specific situation, and he has the great ability to come up with a solution that can help impact not only his business but the business is that he is helping become successful as well.

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Luke Lazarus’ hard work, dedication and willingness to help out others has been admired by many people all over the world and there’s a business field. He is admired and looked up to by many other successful business owners out there.

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At James River Capital, Paul Saunders Puts His Career Insights to Work for Others

A Practical Approach to Both Life and Investing


in addition to a strong analytical and strategic approach to investment with innovative strategies and confident execution, James River Capital Chairman and CEO Paul Saunders believes that the human factor underlies every aspect of the business world. He has shared his experience and ideas about workplaces that thrive with both his employees and the business community at large. With over twenty-five years at the helm of JRC and an MBA from the University of Chicago, he has developed a hands-on understanding of how employees and companies work together for mutual benefit. These insights are not just something he can share, but information which informs his investment insights.

Sharing Experience and Ideas with Workers both Inside and Outside His Company

While employees at James River Capital benefit directly from Paul Saunders’ insights, he has shared capsule summaries in a broad assortment of articles. They cover the qualities that help workers grow in their careers and common challenges which might trip them up and prevent quality individuals from achieving the success they have earned. In particular, he has addressed the “imposter syndrome” which affects a majority of workers, leading them to doubt their abilities, but especially affects women in the workplace.

A Conscious Approach to Portfolio Analysis

At James River Capital, Saunders’ guidance on careers and work culture helps guide employees in their work, staying aware of the value of leadership, connections, and self-confidence in the cultures of the companies they evaluate. This is an approach that has served some of the largest portfolio managers in the world to build stable, long-term value in assets that not only hold their place in the marketplace but attract valuable talent as well. In other words, James River Capital’s expertise is in both the highly technical nature of the investment market and the essential role of its people.

The successes of Maurício Mendonça Godoy

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has played roles in the oil and gas companies. His first greatest role was in Toyo Setal. At Toyo Setal, he brought many improvements that made everyone come closer to him. Most of the projects he spearheaded were too critical for most people. He let the venture acquire tenders that attracted massive capital amounts. He does not take chances when doing his operations. He only likes to settle for logic. When something he wants to use for his business improvements does not meet his criteria, he barley chooses to invest anything on it.

Today Maurício Mendonça Godoy is the president of operations at a Brazilian shipbuilding company. He likes to give people what they want. His ambitions are to build and develop his neighborhood through the funds he gains in the venture. The firm is the largest one in Brazil. It has taken over most enterprises in the world as it is the only one that can manufacture large ships that hold a large capacity of oils. The transportation of oil and gas is always a dedicate one as well as demanding. He still has to use unique approaches to making the process successful. If the ships he handles are not equipped with the highest technology to prevent matters like fire and many more, there could be huge losses incurred by the owners of the goods. None of his products have ever landed his clients in trouble as they all entail a good and strong quality. To know more about him click here.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy does not settle for deals that do not have the value he requires. He mostly likes to take his time to measure the value of the projects he has to handle and identify what returns he can earn from them. If the returns do not meet what he requires and the capital he has invested in them, he always settles for better ones. Maurício Mendonça Godoy has climbed many ladders in his career, and he does not entertain time wastage as it could make him stay behind in his life thus bringing him problems and more failures that can only bring his career to an end.

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Michael Nierenberg’s Business History

Michael Nierenberg is from New York, New York, United States and primarily works in the Greater New York Area. Michael Nierenberg has been trading stock from NRI since 2014. Visit Daily Forex Report to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

He has worked for various companies since 2013. Michael Nierenberg is currently Chairman of the Board at New Residential Investment Corp. in 2016, he was their Chief Executive and President in 2013. he was their e owns over 400,000 shares of New Residential Investment stock, which has a total value of over $2.6 million dollars. Read more at about Michael Nierenebrg.

Michael Nierenberg has also worked for Bank of America/Merrill Lynch in November 2008, where he was the head of their Global Mortgages and Securitized Products, he was also a member of J.P. Morgan’s management committee. Michael Nierenberg was also with Bear Stearns for 14 years and held many positions within the company, including head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading.