Solid Legal Advice From Jeremy Goldstein Is A Winning Combination Of His Knowledge Of The Law And His Relationships With His Clients

Jeremy L. Goldstein, Esq. has dedicated most of his legal career to corporate cases, mergers, and acquisitions. Prior to opening his own boutique law firm, he worked at a prestigious law organization in New York City that mainly focuses on mergers and acquisitions. Jeremy has established many long term relationships over the years with his clients. He has a large network of connections comprised of some of the most distinguished executives in the country. Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of Cornell University where he earned a B.A. with the honor of distinction. He later achieved his M.A. degree at the University of Chicago. Jeremy then attended New York University School of Law at which he earned his Juris Doctor.


Over the past decade, Jeremy has been legal counsel for many of the most noteworthy corporate transformations, including the South African Breweries PLC buyout by Miller Brewing Co. His other cases include the merger of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and the Bank One Corporation as well as the SBC Communications, Inc. acquisition of ATT Corp. He belongs to the American Bar Association and is Chair of its merger and acquisitions subcommittee. Jeremy has been recognized as the country’s top employee compensation attorney in the Chambers USA Guide and Legal 500. He is a founder and partner at the law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates located in New York, New York.


Jeremy Goldstein is in the position where he can selectively choose the cases he undertakes. His involvement in high-profile cases attract a great deal of publicity. He primarily will take on only the cases for the clients that he chooses to represent. Experience has taught Jeremy Goldstein that it is far more beneficial to his clients that he has more time to devote to their needs. He emphasizes the importance of relationship building with the clients he serves and his colleagues. Jeremy Goldstein believes that he can provide the best advice and service to clients that he has come to know well on a personal level. Most lawyers do not extend themselves to their clients socially as Jeremy has genuinely committed himself to do.


It is a business practice that has brought Jeremy many referrals to his firm and numerous new friendships into his life. Jeremy Goldstein is also a sought-after public speaker and a dedicated philanthropist.


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James Reese Continues to Grow His TigerSwan

Former Special Operations Commander of the US Army turned CEO and currenlty TigerSwan’s founder and current chief executive by the name of James Reese truly leads an interesting life that has the capacity to educate, influence and inspire others because it is all about never giving up to successfully reach and achieve goals. A decorated combat leader in a special branch of the Army, it is not surprising how he excelled and continues to excell in his business ventures and his community after he left active duty and retired into civilian life.

Wired for excellence, James Reese says that the number one lesson he learned from the military is to be a good leader. In order to be one, a person has to be a good and active listener. On top of that, if one is assigned to be in charge, he must do it to the best of his abilities. It is not surprising that he is now a good mentor and leader to his over three hundred employees with his TigerSwan business in 50 countries all around the globe.

He takes his role in TigerSwan seriously because people depend on him, and he feels responsible for his people. They have families, kids to send to college, mortgages to pay, among many other things. Owning TigerSwan comes with back breaking responsibilities that he cannot afford to bungle, but in the same token, he feels that what he has been blessed with is truly rewarding. James Reese noted that it feels great to have the freedom of time and the ability to watch his business’ continued growth. On top of that, he appreciates his TigerSwan employees who have remained loyal to his company through the years as they continue to work together to carry out the company vision and achieve company goals.

Reese shared that he came up with the TigerSwan concept in his last tour of Iraq. When he got home, he couldn’t forget about the idea so he designed a plan with the help of a friend. He noted that back then, he had not outside capital and the only thing he had going for him was his disabled status. Thus, they were chosen as the service disabled veteran owned company (SDVOSB) to partner up with a major defense contractor to serve the Department of Defense.

A company that has the SDVOSB tag has a majority ownership by a disabled veteran. However, James Reese pointed out that this was not his reason for establishing TigerSwan. His primary motivation in starting the company was to have veterans working together to help do something nice and positive for the world so that it can be a better place for everyone to live in.

Reese noted that he felt lucky when his TigerSwan company was awarded their first contract, which almost seemed like it was by fluke and a whole lot of luck. But this gave him the working capital to continue to grow the business. From the profit earned in the very first contract, he reinvested it to the company, so they could acquire better business systems and hire more employee to help TigerSwan grow.

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Rebuilding Health For The Greater Good

Many people today feel that the internet has polluted the space of health and wellness and there are not many companies that give back relative to performance. One must confront the health issues which they face and without a general guideline or mid to long term goals.


One company that has been at the forefront of radically motivating individuals to improve their lifestyles and health is ViSalus. Not only do they encourage individuals looking for results with a timeframe, but they also provide nutritional data, products and valuable data many miss out on even in a modern gym.


Many gyms and wellness centers in the states encourage a personal training regime that is far from helpful and that is partly due to the fact that they need clients to continue their subscriptions.


Unlike traditional methods, ViSalus provides customers with everything they need out of their two operating locations here in Los Angeles and Italy, a country that emphasizes a meticulous evolving approach to both style and nutrition. Read This Article for more information.


One of the biggest aspects of losing weight or improving overall wellness is lowering stress. When utilizing ViSalus services or products from anywhere in the globe, users feel the impact a company that provided over five million meals to hungry children alone has on their journey. By doing good ViSalus transforms lives around the world and if you are reading this no matter who you are they can help you too.


ViSalus uses a unique and collaborative approach, and their users help and motivate each other during the journey that can change not only their lives but also motivate loved ones to take a leap of faith in their own health and wellness journey.


Overall all the pieces fit well and without a vast set of resources, studied approach and result driven strategies over the long term at scale many people fail to keep themselves on track to accomplish the goals in which they set. Join the community on ViSalus today and join a community built around the values that transform individuals into better versions of themselves. View This Article for additional information.



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Felipe Montoro Jens-The Infrastrucural Genius Of Finance

 Felipe Montoro Jens is without a doubt one of the most highly successful financial and infrastructural geniuses in business. He hails from the nation of Brazil, which lets us know, he is surrounded by natural resources and industrial projects. He is the one to connect with, when planning industrial projects in Brazil. His expertise is well known on a global scale!

It is noteworthy to mention, his education has served him well. Mr. Jens has multiple education degrees. He has attended Oregon University, UC at Santa Barbara, and holds a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Moreover, he holds an undergrad and post grad degree in Business Administration from the American Garvin School. To find more details on Montoro’s professional career, you can visit his LinkedIn handle.

Now, Felipe Montoro Jens starts his day with conferences on institutional investments, and infrastructural projects. He is concerned with imports, and making connections with his career contacts. He holds many chairmanships and is the Executive Officer/Director of many companies. He feels spending time on social media is not the way to go! He is precise in his dealings, and believes less is more. He is definitely not a time waster! Jens career as an Executive Officer/Director includes such companies as Concessionaria Sur Tramo 2 and 3, Con Intercessiana Sur Tramo, and Energia S.A. He is also Chairman of Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliarios, Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA, San Antonio Energia S.A., Concesionaria Travase Olmos and H2olmos, just to name a few of the institutions and companies he serves! That is quite a resume of his leadership!

A wonderful character trait that Mr. Jens possesses is his willingness to go over his data and presentations-fastidiously! He reviews, reviews, and reviews. This dedication to be on the spot,in his business dealings makes him well respected. He believes he can improve in whatever he is working on, which shows extreme diligence. Felipe Montoro Jens believes in never giving up. He seeks to find a healthy balance between his personal life and work. By the way, his favorite book is Sidarta, which emphasizes finding a balance from things already free in nature. Lastly, he feels focusing on the main goal is imperative; it will allow everything else to fall into place. Hats off to this amazing entrepreneur, executive officer, director, chairman, and hardworking businessman! Yes, he wears many hats! Learn More:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210

Using Technology to Enhance Investing with Michael Nierenberg

Technology is a fast growing sector of business. There are advancements and changes being done every day. One business owner who understands the depth of technology implementation is Michael Nierenberg. The serial-investor and Chief Executive Officer recently talked about the advantages of technology; in the investment world. As the leader of New Residential, he reaps the benefits of using cutting-edge technology.

Being at the head of a mortgage investment company requires staying a few steps ahead. Michael Nierenberg utilizes Modern technology to help crystallize digital strategies for investors. This is important because it provides the client with a good first impression. His ability to impress mortgage customers and bankers is one of the reasons he is so successful. There are various forms of technology improvement approaches in the mortgage market. Using the proper technology can save your investors time while expediting returns on their investments. Michael Nierenberg also realizes that a successful investment firm requires more than technology.

OSI Group is One Success After Another

OSI is at it again!

OSI Group is your leading meat distribution company. It operates over 65 facilities in over 17 countries. Its retail restaurants that they service includes Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut. Today, OSI Group holds the #63 spot on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List. It was through their intelligent business decisions that they were able to accomplish this feat. Within their progress of business, they were able to purchase Baho Food in the process.

OSI Group started in 1909 and didn’t look back. Expansion, expansion, expansion! Starting in Oak PArk, Illinois and transitioning to Maywood, its name began as Otto & Son. The reputation of the company was that of quality meats and the community were in positive expectations for the company’s services.

In 1955 is when the company begins servicing Mcdonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. In 1960 a new system of food processing came into effect ( Cryogenic food processing) and Otto & Son (OSI) jump on board with the new process. They would open a plant in 1973 for the high productivity of such process and becoming one of the largest meat producers for Mcdonald’s.

It was 1975 when the company would change its name to OSI Industries. Only an expansion overload would result from OSI’s productivity from this point forward:

1990 -Partner with General Milling Corporation;

1995 – Entered the India MArket; 1996 – Acquired Moy Park;

2002 – OSI China was established in Beijing;

2004 – OSI acquired G W Padley Poultry and Dove Valley in 2004; 2006 – Acquired Amick Farms; 2009 – established Weihai Poultry Development Co. and list continues onward for throughout the years up until this point of 2019. Including its acquisition of the Ducth manufacturer, BAho foods in 2016, which has 5 subsidiaries that has processing plants throughout Germany and the Neverlands – Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van Its decision making has allowed them the success of inclusion on the Forbes list and acquisitions of some of the most successful food business companies in the world. Who knows what’s next up for this brand…

OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Neurocore Is Helping People Perform Better


Neurocore has been helping clients achieve the levels of brain performance that they need for different purposes since they were first founded in Michigan in 2004. The nine performance centers that they have opened specialize in helping their clients through brain-based assessments and training programs that are specifically tailored to meet their different needs.

The privately held company, Neurocore has brain performance centers in Florida in addition to Michigan and over the years they have established themselves as an authority in neurofeedback and applied neuroscience. The protocols that they use for both adults and children over five years old are state of the art and reward-based to ensure that their clients get the best results with what they have to offer without the use of any medications.

Neurocore uses scientific based strategies to help improve mental health and behavioral health conditions that would hinder clients progress and coping abilities. Neurocore is one of the few facilities that use neurofeedback as a way to combat these conditions and disorders.

Neurofeedback is effective against the following diseases ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, migraines, sleep, and stress. While many people with a variety of different mental health issues such as anxiety and ADHD use their services, they are also becoming more popular with professional athletes who are looking for ways to improve their performance.

With the help of Neurocore, these athletes are able to balance their brain so it is functioning at its peak performance which helps sleep patterns and the physiological systems of the body. In just one 30 minute session at Neurocore, trainees can make upwards of 2,000 adjustments to how their brain functions while doing nothing more than properly focusing on a movie that is playing while collecting biofeedback from their electrical brain functions.

It is easy to become distracted with the busy world, which is something that pro football player Kirk Cousins was facing in his career. By learning how the brain functions, trainees of Neurocore can figure out how to best control it while during their lives in order to regulate functions like heart rate. Visit This Page for related information.

The concept of using the type of biofeedback such as the type offered by Neurocore is something that has been used for years in relation to chronic pain and even high blood pressure, but it is a relatively new concept when it comes to helping to train athletes. Through biofeedback, people are able to have more control over their own mental health.


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The Benefits of Vitamin D on the Skin According to Tim Ioannides

Vitamin D is a necessary for maintaining a person’s overall health, ensuring the durability of bones and teeth while supporting the immune system. However, most of all, this vitamin is integral to skin health, according to Dermatologist Tim Ioannides.

Vitamin D can come from the foods we eat (fish such as salmon, tuna and trout are rich sources, as are mushrooms, fortified dairy products and cereals) though it is also synthesized by the body when a person comes into contact with sunlight. Dr. Ioannides recommends at least ten to fifteen minutes in the sun. Despite the body’s ability to make this vitamin, half of all adults in the US are deficient. The reasons for this includes the lack of vitamin D in the foods we choose to eat. Also, people who are overweight require more of it but might not even be aware of it. Location could also be a culprit; there are areas around the globe where people can’t receive year-round exposure to the sun’s rays. People who live near the equator have less incidents of vitamin D deficiency. Age also plays a factor as older people usually have a harder time synthesizing the vitamin. Also, the guts of people with digestive conditions may fail to absorb enough of it.

How does one know if they’re lacking in Vitamin D? Signs of deficiency include feeling sluggish, getting sick more often than usual, hair loss, and symptoms of depression. The only way to determine whether or not a person needs vitamin D is through a simple blood test. Dr. Ioannides usually prescribes 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 to patients who suffer from eczema or psoriasis and in two to three months time, he would see a dramatic change for the better which is why he recommends ample amounts of the vitamin for skin care.

Dr. Tim Ioannides has been practicing dermatology for over fifteen years at Treasure Coast Dermatology, which he founded. He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

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American Addiction Centers: It’s Time To Change Things Up

The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is well aware of the fact that things need to change when it comes to the perception of addiction. Too often, people with addiction have gotten a bad rap. They have taken the fall for things that were out of their control. The AAC likes to open people’s eyes to things that they were blind to in the past.

They want people to know the facts and to really look at them. Too often, the numbers get lost in translation. That is not going to happen with the approach the AAC is taking with alcohol use disorder. They have said their mission right now is to help people understand more about it and what brings it on in the first place.

For certain people, it is simple as the fact it is heredity. They were born with it. In addition to that, they might also have a mental illness as well that has been undiagnosed. These people are not just drunks for the sake of being drunks.

It is important to humanize them and look at them for who they truly are: people that are struggling to beat an addiction. For example, if someone had diabetes, would people make fun of them for being overweight or eating too much? No, instead, they would get sympathy. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alchoholism | AliveNewspaper

There are professional athletes that play through diabetes. They are in tremendous shape and do all of the right things. It is no different than someone suffering from alcohol addiction. They never used to drink, but all it took was one drink, and everything else fell apart from that point forward.

It brought back childhood memories, not the good ones, and it really made them spiral out of control. In today’s culture, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on men and women to drink. As a matter of fact, if you go to a party of some kind or a work gathering and you are not drinking, people look at you sideways.

They are almost offended. The key thing to remember is that people can have fun without drinking. It is not necessary in order to have fun. So many people are the social drinkers that have a few beers after work with their co-workers.

For people suffering from AUD (alcohol use disorder), they can’t do that. One beer leads to possibly ten beers. They need to respect that.

It is the same way that people respect those individuals with diabetes. They can’t have certain foods because it doesn’t fit their diet. They are not trying to be rude or insult anyone. The same logic applies to those with AUD. It is just how they are wired as human beings.

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Unprecedented Amount of Issuance goes Through


The amount of experience that Nexbank carries is a testament enough of the standard of services that they provide. Nexbank Capital is one of the pioneer financial institutes based in Dallas Texas. Founded in 1922, the venture is currently functioning under the leadership of John Holt who is serving as the CEO of the institute.

Recently, Nexbank came about with good news which further strengthened its credibility within the financial market. Over this financial journey, Nexbank has time and time again proved the amount of professionalism and financial stability they carry and their recent development further proves this.

Recently, they carried out the completion of their senior unsecured notes that were classified under the oversubscribed private placement. This reopening of their initial offering led them to raise an added balance of $80 million. This brought the total issuance of Nexbank to $155 million. These notes are to mature on 16th March 2026, however, they will be callable starting March 15, 2021.

Nexbank comes up with a pretty good deal on these notes where the interest rate is borne will be fixed for 5.50% during the first five years. After five-years, a floating rate will be applied based on a 3 month LIBOR spread of 435.5 basis points. These notes are granted an investment grade of BBB by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Nexbank aims to use the proceeds of these notes to clear off some previous debts and also corporate purposes.

Also, the proceeds improving the capital base within the balance sheet and consequently help in increasing future earnings and growth of the institute. However, these notes issued are not registered as per the Securities Act. This means they cannot be offered in the United States in the absence of registration. They recently announced a record high improvement in their assets and earnings. By the end of 2016, the value of NexBank’s total assets had reached $4.64 billion, which showed a 71% growth rate from the subsequent year. See This Article to learn more.

With this recent achievement of Nexbank, they have maintained their well-capitalized status. One of the regional giants, Nexbank has remained a pioneer in their core businesses since its inception and continues to do so.


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