Paul Herdsman Creates A More Local Outsourcing Option with NICE Global

Paul Herdsman has been able to achieve high levels of success in the business world. With several management positions under his belt, Herdsman found his ability to solve problems along with an appreciation for creating efficient and streamlined processes for various companies’ customer service departments. He was able to work with these firms to created a more productive team of customer service representatives that were able to improve the overall public perspective of the company and contribute to a more profitable outcome.

The skills and education he acquired during his tenors in the private sector afforded Paul Herdsman to venture into the role of entrepreneur. He began his own company, NICE Global, that provides as an outsourced customer service solution for United States based businesses. Perfecting his skills of managing outsourced customer service during a time when many companies were connecting with representatives located in India, the Philippines and smaller countries in the Caribbean; Herdsman saw first hand the challenges that outsourcing so far away offered several businesses that were based within the United States. He became aware of how distinct differences, such as not speaking the same language, actually created barriers amongst the companies and their consumers thus developing into a negative view of the company from the public.

In this discover, Herdsman saw an opportunity to provide a better outsourcing service to these companies. Based in Montego Bay, Jamaica, NICE Global provides a partnership of English-speaking agents to service U.S. based customers. Furthermore, the firm’s location allows for a more convenient travel destination for businesses and potential clients to audit and review the facilities of NICE Global as well as allow for face to face interaction between the company and its clients. Herdsman believes this allows companies a better relationship with their outsourced service agents along with strengthening the overall perspective of the company to the public.

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