Paul Saunders Impressive Ideas on Running James River Capital Corp

Investing in a new startup or company in a competitive corporate world is an exciting experience, however establishing a business in not walk to the park. You need enough funding to ensure your effort does not turn into world goose hunt. Perhaps your business needs a website, funds to cover administrative tasks, and rent.  Learn more:


With a drafted business plan, you can look for sufficient funds to cover the costs and turn your idea into a reality. It is vital to take considerable time to prepare a realistic budget before approaching your potential lenders.


The head and the founder of James River Capital Corp, Paul Saunders, shares insightful pieces of advice on the ideal ways to obtain funds and get your business off the ground.


Start With Bootstrapping


Bootstrapping is the best method to finance your startup through scrapping self-possessed personal savings, credit cards, and including other home equity that you own. Besides, you can approach family members and friends for more funds. Ideally, the majority of the entrepreneurs usually finance their startup through bootstrapping and ends up turning their business into a profitable entity. 




Consider looking for investors who are interested in funding your idea through crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Through this fantastic support groups, you are required to set the campaign and the amount of cash you need to raise. Also, create the benefits that a potential donor enjoys for pledging certain contribution. To successful get enough funds, you will need to go the extra mile by marketing your idea on social media. 


Bank Loan 


Banks offer different types of loans; therefore, with your business plan, you can apply for a business loan. Despite having a lower interest rate, banks have a stringent measure before your loan is approved based on your credit history and score.


Local Loan


A local loan is one of the unnoticed funding opportunities; the funds are available at the business centers, most importantly at universities. The business center helps entrepreneurs to interact with potential investors.


Trading Equity


Trading equity is the ideal way to acquire funds; the entrepreneur sells the share of the business in a stock exchange market. Interestingly, there are no debts attached to your business; however, the entrepreneur gives some percentage of ownership to other investors. 


Paul Saunders’s Professional Skill


Paul Saunders is the founding chairman and CEO of James Rivers Capital. He studied an undergraduate degree in BA from the University of Virginia. Later, Paul joined the University of Chicago as an MBA student and graduated at the top of his class. He has successfully excelled over the years in his banking career. Prior to investing in his company, he served as the president of the KP Futures Management Corp.

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