Serge Belamant Contributions To Data Accuracy Through Blockchain

Transparency and data accuracy are some of the factors that pushed Serge Belamant to create the first-ever information system — currently known as the blockchain. His invention is currently revolutionizing industries such as health care and the financial markets. Although Belamant’s name is less known in the world of alternative money systems, he is the reason why people have options such as cryptocurrencies. He, however, points out that blockchain was for transparency and data accuracy.

Since then, he has worked with tens of companies, but his projects when he was working under Net1 UEPS Technologies are synonymous with him as a creator. Serge Belamant points out that all the projects under this company gave him global recognition, especially in the world of technology. In a 2014 interview, Belamant pointed out that creating projects under this entity was a product of the following factors.

First, he points out that the projects were successful due to his extensive understanding of the global tech industry. Serge Belamant believes that for a project to have a global impact, the creator must understand what the market needs. One of the best ways to know what a complex market such as the tech industry wants is through — research. Although Belamant works with research entities in his projects, reading different pieces — both online and offline — is his primary source of information.

The second reason why Serge Belamant revolutionized this market is his approach to innovation. Tech journals have nicknamed him as the father of innovation in the world of tech solutions. Belamant, however, points out that his process of creating is simple, and it is more of a reflection of his character. Although he confesses that he is over-controlling during his creation process, he is a perfectionist. This quality ensures that every project under his name is ready and highly polished for market consumption.

Finally, the Witwatersrand University graduate understands the value of feedback. Belamant understands that a project can receive good reception in the intended market, or the clients can point out issues within the project. Regardless of the feedback, Serge Belamant believes that every creator should know what the client think about a project and if possible, polish up on the weakness.

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