Sergey Petrossov Learned from his Childhood

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is one of the most exciting up and coming entrepreneurs. While his name might be new to the general public, he is already well-known around the world and throughout the travel industry. As the founder of JetSmarter, his company has changed the way that many people approach jet travel. Now, his company has grown to more than $1 billion in just a few short years. In addition to that, he has the support of some of the biggest names across the world, including the Saudi royal family. Sergey Petrossov is a shining example of how someone can start a company from nothing and quickly grow it into one of the largest companies on the planet. He has done so by applying some of the lessons he learned during his childhood.

Sergey Petrossov moved to Florida at a young age with the rest of his family. His family had the dream of a better life in the United States; however, while he was in Florida, his family did not have much money. There were a lot of struggles for him and his family; however, it was these struggles that have defined who he is today. He had a drive and a passion to be successful which he carries with him today. No matter how hard things might seem, he always got back up. Now, he spends his time teaching other young entrepreneurs about the importance of this drive and passion. All of this is reflected in the success that Sergey Petrossov has enjoyed with JetSmarter.

Sergey PetrossovFurthermore, JetSmarter was not the first time that Sergey Petrossov experimented with the business world. While he was a teenager, he actually operated a business importing and exporting tires in Florida. He also was involved in a startup at the University of Florida. This experience has been a part of JetSmarter’s success.