Sharon Prince discusses Grace Farms’ vast natural offerings

Sharon Prince is one of the most notable businesswomen in the United States thanks to her venture, the Grace Farms Foundation where she is the Chair and President. The Grace Farms Foundation was established in 2009 as a private operating foundation. The primary aim of this foundation was to enhance lives by providing engagement with nature, justice, community, and faith. Through this foundation, Sharon Prince has been fighting child exploitation, violence against women both locally and internationally, and human trafficking. Recently, she was interviewed by where she discussed Grace Farm’s vast natural offerings.

Amazing seasonal bounties

Sitting on an 80-acre piece of land, there are lots of seasonal bounties at Grace Farms, especially during the summers. During this time Sharon Prince pointed out that visitor can engage in several activities including catch-and-release fishing at Cattail Pond. In addition to this, visitors can also explore the lush nature by taking a walk around the farm on the vast walking trails. This Chair and President of Grace Farms mentioned that nature is always in full bloom during summers so there is a lot to see on the walks. The blooming nature and the summer sun provide the serene environment for visitors to connect with nature.

Bird watching

Sharon Prince mentioned during the interview that visitors at Grace Farm could also get to enjoy bird watching. More than 40 bird species are living naturally at this farm. Bird watching best done during the scenic hikes as one takes a walk through the vast trails. This highly-respected businesswoman stated that the bird watching can be undertaken not only for enjoyment but also for educational purposes and is an excellent way to connect with nature. Sharon Prince went on to add that visitors can also get a chance to do bird watching during the fall migration.

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