Sharon Prince: Helping Grace Farms Foundation Excel

Grace Farms

Grace Farms, an 80-acre oasis for individuals of all backgrounds. The president, Sharon
Prince has dedicated countless hours working with a large group of people in order to make Grace Farms Foundation a success for the community. Grace Farms is a unique experience because it offers a nature center, community garden, several meeting locations, and even a gym. Sharon Prince Grace Farms has invested into the Grace Farms Foundation and given the community a very special gathering center. The foundation has over 100 donors that believe in the community and want to see Grace Farms be part of the area forever. Whether an individual needs to get lost in some nature trails or retreat to The River building to have spiritual time; Grace Farms offers a safe place.

Never A Dull Moment

Grace Farms offers weekend activities for people of all backgrounds. The main building, The River, is utilized on Sundays for a nondenominational church gathering. They also have performances by artists and dance companies. There are fun activities for all ages at the Grace Farms. While the farm does hold the ideals of Christian faith at the center, it offers many other ideals. They are working to integrate the Christian faith with other forms of art in one central location. Grace Farms has an abundance of activities to offer the community but most importantly the Foundation has formed a central meeting location for the community to come together and become united.

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