Sheldon Lavin—To Get To Know The True Visionary

Among one of the most vastly spread food chain companies OSI group is very well known, and so is Sheldon Lavin with that acquaintance as he is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI group. With his expertise and vast knowledge in finance and accounting, he runs the organization just perfectly.

Born in 1932, Sheldon attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University where he studied accounting and finance as his major subjects. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

Sheldon Lavin and associates Inc. was his own firm which he operated for over 15 years, in downtown Chicago. However, Sheldon became associated with Otto and Sons Inc. in 1970 and later began serving as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI groups till date. With his knowledgeable leadership, OSI group is now a multibillion dollar food processing enterprise.

Sheldon Lavin was recently presented with Global Visionary Award in India. Only those exclusive individuals are awarded this Visionary award who have achieved their goals with tireless and consistent hard work and dedication towards their career. And as evident it is, from a domestic food company, Sheldon Lavin lead the OSI group to a multibillion dollar food processor. Since 1995, OSI also has been operating at eight locations in India, providing an abundant supply of poultry, fresh vegetables, fruits and much more.

During an interview, Sheldon Lavin reflected his thoughts regarding OSI group. He claimed that since the beginning of OSI, he targeted to grow the company into a topnotch food processing enterprise. Sheldon believes the key for the success of the company is the family-like culture, following strategical rules and sub goals strictly, sticking to the budgetary plan and maintaining a friendly environment with everybody among the whole organization. Sheldon believes innovation was built-in his genes, it was OSI that nurtured it even more.

Sheldon doesn’t lie behind even in Humanitarian efforts, he has supported Ronald McDonald House charities for 25 years and he is still an active member of its capital campaign. Under Sheldon’s leadership, OSI group has been supplying foodstuff vastly in different parts of Europe and Asia, Sheldon plans to diversify the organization even more.

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