Southridge Capital Stays on Trend.

The cutting edge is the place to be when it comes to investment and financial services and Southridge Capital, under the tutelage of CEO Steve Hicks, keeps investments in cutting-edge opportunities sharp.


Daily evaluation of new ideas and continual monitoring, along with an experienced team is how Southridge Capital stays ahead of the trends. After an early morning portfolio review, investigation and review of new opportunities become the focus of the team. Steve Hicks uses his experience, with a demonstrable list of standards, including the evaluation of a trends business plan and potential legal ramifications, to determine which trends will make profitable investment opportunities and which should be passed over.


One of the trends Southridge believes is worth the investment is the popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency market, which is founded on a technology called the blockchain, has been making huge strides in financial markets and its underlying technology, the blockchain, has revolutionized data integrity and provides a decentralized method of storing data that is nearly immune to tampering. Blockchain related products and cryptocurrencies use will become more widespread and will be seen in more industries and early investment in this technology will bring increasing returns. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Another trend Steve Hicks and Southridge Capital are excited about is the rise of marijuana stocks and other marijuana-related industry investments. There are 31 states legalizing medical marijuana and nine that have fully legalized the substance, marijuana is an emerging investment opportunity that is booming right now and its value will continue to grow.


Using the knowledge and experience of CEO Steve Hicks and the team of Southridge Capital it is easy to invest in the emerging trends of cryptocurrency and marijuana and with the continual attention to portfolio reviews, staying on the cutting edge of trends is something that Southridge Capital has become an expert in. You can visit their Facebook page.



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