Steve Lesnard Is An Expert In Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard has had a successful career in the world of marketing, including some years as General Manager and Global Vice President of Nike. He is a graduate of Babson College and holds masters degrees in Business and Entrepreneurship and in business administration. Steve Lesnard grew up on the island of Corsica, and he has always been interested in different countries and cultures. His curiosity and understanding of how people from different cultures face and solve problems has given him an edge in forming marketing strategies.

Steve Lesnard believes that the successful marketing of products must concentrate on what the consumer needs and wants. A company needs to focus on how their products will add value to consumers’ lives and wake up the customers’ awareness of how the product appeals to them. In order to offer this to customers, the company needs to understand what kind of customers are being targeted and why the product will be of benefit to them. Using all the marketing tools in the modern digital world gives so many opportunities to connect with consumers emotionally as well as rationally. Apple has been especially successful at connecting with customers through simple messages such as their “10k songs in your pocket” for the iPod and now its emphasis on safety and health benefits for its watches, both making customers realize how they wanted and needed products that could be with them when they are out and about.

Once the product and potential customers have been sorted out, Steve Lesnard has two key principles for successful marketing. Firstly it is paramount to keep the message simple and memorable. This sounds easy, but it isn’t. This is why talented and creative marketers are so sought after. The second principle involves bringing the product to life through visuals that show how the product works and how people look when using it. Showing famous people using the product also makes it appealing.