Richard Liu: Making Bold Career Changes, And Excelling In Them

More often than not, individuals entering into one particular field tend to spend an incredible amount of time in it, trying to gain as much experience as possible within it. Individuals then become familiar with one line of work and eventually turn into experts if they work hard at it and try to learn as much as possible. Even while the norm was once to find a field and stick with it, the reality is that it is far more different for people nowadays. Millennials, in particular, tend to shift from one line of work to another with relative ease and without even having reached a considerable amount of success in one particular line of work. Being exceptionally successful at one particular job and then moving to another to also be incredibly successful at it is not particularly sought after, even though it is something that could look good on a professional level. While this may be the norm, the number of people who are able to excel in both fields is far less.

The phenomenon of changing fields is one of the main reasons why Richard Liu has stood out in recent times. As a doctor and a financial advisor, he has made drastic shifts with regards to what he has been doing and is someone who has managed to excel at both things that he did. He initially wanted to be a doctor and coming from a family of doctors, was something that he saw himself doing. However, he also had a keen interest in finance and saw it as something that could potentially change his life. His interest grew to a point wherein he thought that this was the one thing that he wanted to do in his life. After spending a large number of years training to be a good doctor, he made the switch to finance. It was evident that to stand out he would have to work harder than he ever did before.

Countless hours and an immense amount of dedication led him to become the notable financial expert that he is today, making him a fine example of how something can work to your benefit if one puts time and dedication into it.

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