JD.com on Serving Their Clients

The path JD.com is headed down is admirable to watch. They have been making a name for themselves within the Chinese retail business for years, and for years they have been succeeding. It is success stories like those with Jingdong that inspire young entrepreneurs to enter the business world in the first place. In a sense, JD.com is building up the new generation of entrepreneurs and investors. Because of this, they have a significant amount of influence and power.

Despite this, however, they remain a humble retailer corporation. Even though they are the largest in the country, they always consider the needs of others before themselves. This sort of respect JD.com holds for their customers is extremely honorable, and it is what has made them such a favorite in the eyes of many customers. Those who oppose the efforts Jingdong puts forward to grow as a company are likely unaware of just how humble of a successful business they are.

Not only have they contributed greatly to the evolution of business in China as a whole, but they have made significant efforts to create philanthropic fundraisers. To JD.com, this is a requirement for any major business. In their eyes, those who are fortunate have the responsibility to give back to the communities that raised them. One of the biggest efforts JD.com has is to empower their local communities. At the end of the day, even though they are a corporate entity, JD.com does not exist to generate a profit; they exist to serve the people. Click here.

McDonalds Partner, OSI Group , Set to Co-Produce the Impossible Burger for Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods will launch its new Impossible Burger this coming month and using OSI Group as its producer. OSI Group is also one of the McDonalds key suppliers of its beef. OSI Group has been a key supplier for McDonalds since 1955 when Ray Kroc chose OSI to be its main food supplier of been products. Impossible Foods has been producing its Impossible Burger in its main production warehouse in Oakland, but now has made a co-producer contract with OSI to also produce its burgers in its Chicago production plant.

Impossible Burger

By making a deal OSI it allows Impossible Foods to keep up with the growing demand for its Impossible Burger, which has been growing since its debuts at Chef David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi in 2016, which started a great demand among Quick Service Restaurants around the country. OSI has installed machinery in its Chicago plant which is almost a cut and paste operation as Impossible Foods has in its Oakland plant. The Impossible Foods employees who will be producing the Impossible Burger will need to key into the in-house facility, which is separate from other parts of the OSI products to avoid any contaminants during production.

Growing Demands for Impossible Burger

A spokesman for OSI Foods says it will see a big rise in demand for its Impossible burger and OSI will be there to help Impossible Foods to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Impossible Foods said that it is continuing to see a big rise in the demand for its Impossible burger from other fast-food purveyors, pizza places, as well as other QSRs. Several QSRs have already produced versions of it own Impossible burger. White Castle has the Impossible Slider in its menu and Burger King will roll out its Impossible Whopper later this year.

Exceeding capacity

Impossible Foods has already exceeded its production capacity twice in May and June 2019 in preparation for the Impossible burger launch next month. Impossible Foods has an 86,000 square foot facility in Oakland, where it produces its Impossible burger, but will be moving part of the production of its main flagship burger into the Chicago OSI plant, where its plant has been almost perfectly duplicated by OSI in order to produce the Impossible Burger under its co-producer agreement with Impossible Foods.


How Does Sheldon Lavin Make Decisions?

Many business leaders all over the world have tried to get inside the head of Sheldon Lavin. He is known around the world for being the most successful CEO of the meat processing company called the OSI Group. Lavin is also known for having a brilliant business mind. However, Lavin is reluctant to talk about his various business strategies with outsiders. He does not want his competitors to know very much about the inner workings of his company. This is very understandable. However, Lavin has given a few things away over the years when he has been interviewed.

Sheldon Lavin once discussed his decision making process. Sheldon Lavin says that there are a number of things he does prior to making any decisions that he believes will have a massive impact either positively of negatively on his company. He will first make a list of the pros and cons of the decision. This will allow him to find out if there is a benefit to going forward with his unique plan. He will then create a cost analysis. How much money does the OSI Group stand to gain if the decision is a success? How much could they lose if it is a failure? All of this info will be factored into Sheldon’s final decision.

Sheldon Lavin will then call a meeting of his trusted associates. He will explain his idea to his subordinates to get their feedback. He values the opinions of all his fellow employees. He feels that he can get valuable advice from these people. In many cases, they have stopped him from making big mistakes. He asks every person in the meeting to give their opinion about the decision that Sheldon has to make. He will then take notes on the remarks they make and use them to help him decide what he will do. Sheldon Lavin says that info is usually enough to help him make big decisions that impact the welfare of the OSI Group. However, he must sometimes rely on his gut instinct. This has helped him throughout his long career. He rarely makes the wrong choice.

Sheldon Lavin’s Role in Steering OSI Group to Dominate the Meat Processing Industry

OSI Group is one of the largest meat firms across the globe specializing in meat products like beef, pizzas, hot dogs, fish and many more. The company has over 60 facilities spread across 17 countries across the globe. OSI Group was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. The company started as a simple meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Mr. Otto worked tirelessly to grow and expand the meat market to nearby areas and beyond. OSI has truly come a long way from the meat market it once was to a global leader in the industry. This can be attributed to very many reasons, one of them is the fact that the firm has able leaders who give their all to ensure that the company remains the titan it is today.

One of the people who play an active role in steering the company to great heights is Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin s the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. His appointment to lead the meat processing giant did not come out of the blues as many may think. Sheldon Lavin has been an active player in facilitating the growth and expansion of OSI since 1970. In 1970 Sheldon Lavin was working as an investment manager and banking executive. It so happens that during this time, OSI, at that time it was known as Otto &Sons, was seeking funds so that they could finance their aggressive plans to take over the industry.

Sheldon Lavin played a critical role in ensuring that the company got the necessary financial backing from the bank. After the deal was stuck, Sheldon Lavin was made to join OSI a financial consultant. After a few years of doing business, Mr. Sheldon was able to rise to the position of Chief Executive Officer after showcasing the ability to lead and take the company to greater heights. True to this Sheldon Lavin has never disappointed. He has truly proven that he is able and his rise to become the CEO and Chairman of the firm was not a mistake. Through putting in place strategic techniques and incorporating cutting-edge technology, Sheldon Lavin has been able to make a name not only for himself but for the entire team from OSI. Following  his massive success, it is evident that OSI Group will continue to dominate the industry as it is in capable hands.

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Sheldon Lavin: From the corridors of Finance to the meat processing world

While growing up, Sheldon Lavin always admired owning his business. It is for this reason that he pursued finance related courses. Being a financial guru, Sheldon managed to have a commanding stake in the company when he arranged the financing of Otto & Sons first processing plant which was to be built in West Chicago, Illinois. It is during this involvement that the company changed the name from Otto & Sons to OSI. Presented with a lifetime opportunity, Sheldon Lavin created his significant vision for the company which saw it make a global claim as the world’s best food processing industry.

Currently, OSI Group has over 70 processing plants distributed over 17 countries, with their primary product being protein foods along with sauces and vegetables. According to Sheldon Lavin, the secret to the company’s success is their ability to work as a family. Despite having a hierarchy, their business culture has allowed every employer to feel part of the company. This has allowed the company to remain a successful entity for over a century. The business’s success has always been attributed to Sheldon’s eye for innovation. However, he attributes this skill to his success history in the company.

Over time he had to nurture it for the company to remain active in the global market. Running a big entity as a family can be a daunting task; however, Sheldon Lavin has always strived to make his employees feel loved. One of their approaches is to have lunch together, this has not only ensured they work as a family, but it has built a cohesive approach which continues even to their family. While other companies follow a certain way of passing complaints, Sheldon has always advised his employees to call him by his first name and always to consult him or his business peers when concerned about an issue.

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Peter Briger: Redefining Innovations in the Investment World

Innovation in the world of investment is critical — to both the investor and the investment management company. Peter Briger is one of the few business executives that have invested heavily on innovations, in an attempt of making investment management gigs successful and more importantly — sustainable. Under Fortress Investment Group, the following are some of the changes he has brought in the investment world.

First, he is one of the few executives that understand the importance of diversification in services. Briger understands that any company in this era must offer more services to different clients. Some of the management services that he had introduced in the management world include the following. Under his watch, the management team has invested in capital markets. Peter Briger understands that this market is the future of alternative investments. He has also invested in operational management.Briger understands that operations in the world of management can make either an investment profitable or a loss-making venture.

Second, he is a believer in technology. According to Peter Briger, technology — if well utilized —is a game changer in the world of investment. In the last two decades, for example, Briger points out that operation in the alternative investment world has developed — to accommodate changes in the tech world. In 2019, it is possible to minimize the operation cost — without affecting the efficiency of a company. However, Briger believes that there is room for improvement as far as technology in technology is concerned. In all his interviews in the last three years, Briger has pointed out that there is a huge need for investing in better technologies — especially in the management levels.

Thirdly, Peter Briger understands the importance of working in teams. From 1998, he has always worked in different teams. Although he is one of the most knowledgeable executives in the investment world, Briger understands the benefits of working in a team. Under Fortress Investment Group, he works with some of the best teams — both at the management level as well as in departments. When recruiting for professionals to work within different departments, Briger is keen on understanding if the potential team members have a passion for investment and more importantly — if they will add value to his team or not.