Mark Holyoake’s Approach to Business Deals

The United States of America and Europe, Asia and Africa, these continents where once separated by oceans and thus impossible to establish long sustained communications. However thanks to the advent of the internet, the globe has some more connected than ever before. Mark Holyoake stood before industry at the start of this global shift. He started compiling a portfolio that showcased his ability to work domestically and abroad on any kind of business transactions. Mark Holyoake eventually found his specialty in the food sector. He founded Oakvest Holdings as a means to help cultivate and support that aspect of the industry. In a recent Ideamensch interview, he expands on the journey to this point.

In today’s modern globalized world, an individual can not get ahead by just staying the course. The economy will under go periods of growth and deny, and as Mark Holyoake proved in 2010 there is always an opportunity to seize. Ireland was one of the worst hit countries during the last recession. The small fragile country was not prepared for this event. Mark Holyoake took control over the national fishing company, and showed the tiny nation that there is a wealth of potential beyond their boarders. His experience and connections in the U.K. came to a head during this process.

It was a landmark moment in his career that brought together all of his experiences up to that point. Since then, his drive to succeed has never been stronger. Mark Holyoake has learned how connections and having the right team of like-minded individuals can achieve unbelievable results. The best ideas are cultivated under the mind set that nothing can go wrong. An inspiration could easily lead you down the road to the next big thing. As shown in 2010, there is always a light even in the most unfortunate situations.

The wheels of the global economy are turning forever onward. He discuses how even recent issues like Brexit may become a breeding ground of new business opportunities. While there is no need to rush into things, he is always monitoring potential areas of high investment.

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