The Effectiveness of a Vibrant Corporate Culture in 2019

Paul Herdsman, the founder, and COO of Nearshore Inbound Call Experts (NICE Global) is a father of two. He greatly values family to a point of religiously seeing his kids off to school and tacking them in every night without fail. Having been actively involved in customer service earlier in his career, he saw firsthand the behind-the-scene activities and functions that companies pull to satisfy customers. This led to the inception of NICE in 2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Paul views his organization in the same manner he does his family. Right from the get-go, he emphasized the importance of having a close-knit community at NICE that would create a family atmosphere and retain clients for the long-haul. NICE is a nearshore information technology-enabled services provider better known as a BPO.

As such, their core mandate is to fulfill their client’s outsourced responsibilities such as handling customer service functions through inbound calls, quality assurance, IT solutions and technical support assistance among other back-end duties. NICE’s most important foundational pillars are the people/teams that work for them and the technology that they employ to successfully deliver on their promises to clients.

Therefore, having a vibrant and diversified corporate culture has been on Paul Herdsman’s agent since day one. The lively corporate culture is ensured by investing in the employees. Nearshore Inbound Call Experts has a unique recruiting scheme where current employees are encouraged to refer their like-minded peers.

Newly on-boarded professionals are inducted and exposed to an extensive paid-training where they cover a series of milestone achievements before full integration. Trainers are also continually trained. Promotions are in-house which challenges the employees to work harder in readiness for vertical career-path growth.

Other perks include weekly incentives and the Global Goodies program for top employees based on performance metrics. This energetic strategy has spurred a dynamic working environment that’s winning NICE multiple service contracts.

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