The Hunt For Crystal Hunt

In 1991, Crystal Hunt was released as an fight-themed martial arts action film. During the literal crystal hunt, two police officers search for a legendary gem with reported powers to mysteriously heal with the intention of saving an elderly man.

This film is not known for its superb story or outstanding acting, but the fight sequences are generally admired among martial art film fans. The actors deliver believable and impressive punches, kicks, and throws! There are excellent sound effects and amusing combinations of subduing the bad guys.

A re-make of this quick-witted film would do well to cast someone like the actual Crystal Hunt, an American actress who brought to life soap opera character, Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light, played a stripper on One Life to Live, starred opposite Zac Efron in The Derby Stallion, and tugged at the heart strings in the drama, 23 Blast. Her engaging acting delivers everything to her audience from innocent school girl to scandalous seductress with her classic beauty and charming affect.

One genre Crystal Hunt has yet to explore is that of action, but her talent would be perfect for fighting crime, solving mysteries, and putting away villains. It’s a great time to renew the classic fight movie and utilize the versatility of a young beauty like Crystal Hunt to bring back the vintage martial arts movie! Why shouldn’t the next Jackie Chan be a blonde bombshell?  Be sure to check out Crystal’s official site, and her page on FamousBirthdays for some fun facts about the actress.

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