The Majority of Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF

The Brazilian brothers Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo founded the construction and real estate company JHS in 1972. Together they led it for two decades before a strong disagreement led them dividing the company into two completely separate companies in In 1995. From that time forward Jose led a successful company called JHSI which specialized in construction.

Fabio was the sole leader of the real estate company known as JHSF, which focused on real estate development. In the first decade of 2000, Fabio’s son, Jose Auriemo Neto began to play a prominent role in the company. It was during this time that he would be instrumental in JHSF venturing into the luxury retail sector. Their first enormous and groundbreaking project to this end was the luxury shopping complex, Parque Jardim.

After starting this top monumental project, Jose would also help lead JHSF to become a majority shareholder in the Fasano hotel chain. JHSF has incorporated Fasano in all of its luxury shopping complex’s ever since. Around that time, Jose replaced his retiring father as the company CEO. He has since led it outside Brazilian borders for the first time into Uruguay and the U.S. Today JHSF concentrates on high-end shopping malls, airports, hotels, and real estate projects. Click here.