U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angeloa Kochs Story of Hard Work and Believing in Herself

Angela Koch is the CEO of the largest precious distributor of precious metals U.S. Money Reserve making her the only female CEO in the precious metals industry. She is in-charge of setting the overall direction of the company alongside overseeing all the operations of the company. The company has helped thousands of Americans to not only make decisions on gold, silver or platinum, but also diversify their assets in form of the metals.

According to Angela Koch, U.S. Reserve values their sales people to make them feel they play a critical role in the success of the company. They train the sales individuals on how to run the whole system including customers’ needs and materials. The company empowers the individuals to facilitate the efforts to stay on top in the industry.

Angela Koch brings a unique approach to her leadership role at the company with employee empowerment being at the heart of focus. She strives to take care of her employees alongside helping them to grow and partake personal and professional development.

The efforts will in turn result in greater success for the company. Angela Koch recognizes the importance of empowering the employees to be in-charge. When empowered, they can run the system even in her absence. She does not focus on the dollars. Instead, she focuses on elevating the employees and moving them up. Ultimately, productivity is assured and profits increase.

Angela’s journey to the helm of the company was not a walk in the park. After dropping out of college, she got married and started a family. At that time, she was responsible for the family’s upkeep because her husband was not in a position to do so. Read more: US Money Reviews | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | Indeed

She worked hard to make sure her family was well-taken care of juggling multiple jobs. She had to learn how things worked and took advantage every opportunity that came along to make a killing. Angela worked at pharmacies, Jewish Foundation and even electrical companies. At that point, she realized that she could do well in any position she was in.

Angela overcame challenges to earn a position at KLA-Tencor where she oversaw strategic business development. Angela Koch derived her inspiration from a mentor she had at the company.

Right after requesting for her ranch to be certified non-hormone treated cattle, she realized she could take a process, define it and leverage tech to place it in customer service. She moved to the U.S. Money Reserve where she worked her way up to become the CEO of the company.

Having been success at the America’s Gold Authority and other companies, Angela Koch has compiled three steps that can help anyone through a path like the one she took. First, you need not to look back; make a decision, pick an idea and go with it. Secondly, balance is very important in life. Thirdly, discover yourself, your strengths and maximize on them.

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