Why Diversant Continues to Thrive

Diversant, an IT staffing company is going above and beyond with every aspect of their business, and it’s due in part to Principal John Goullet. While he isn’t the only leader on the board, it’s important that you see and understand the vision and the mission behind Diversant and what they do.

Currently, Diversant is the largest African-owned IT staffing company in the country. The CEO, Gene Waddy is one of the core individuals behind the company, offering change and welcome diversity in the IT world.  His commitment to the company is unparalleled and as a result the company is growing far beyond anything that they ever imagined. As Waddy and Goullet have continued to work together, they have built a solid reputation among Fortune 500 companies.

Both gentleman bring their expertise as well as their well-rounded education with them to compliment their endeavors at Diversant. The company has been fortunate enough to benefit from the entrepreneurial endeavors of both men, as they both have a lot of experience to contribute to the company.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur at heart, and led many IT companies into massive success prior to his journey into Diversant. As a result, Goullet has been able to help Diversant build a profitable company with his prior experience in IT staffing.

Goullet’s main goal was to work with Fortune 500 companies to help them build IT staffing, while cutting back on internal IT staffing. The benefits of outsourcing are numerous, including freeing up company profits to invest back into building the business and creating new products. Having grown Info Technologies to over $30 million dollars, Goullet has much to contribute to building up Diversant.

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  1. John’s previous experience is also rooted in his first company, Info Technologies which he founded in the mid-90’s. Waddy brings his years of expertise to Diversant, giving them an edge as well as a solid foundation for the work that they do. It is also important for rushmypapers to have the approval for the plan too.

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